Mona Lisa Skin & Body Bar
Introducing Mona Lisa Skin & Body Bar

Mona Lisa Skin & Body Bar offers an exclusive Skincare & Beauty experience in a tranquil & private setting.


Your divine guide to bodily wellness & rejuvenation, Mona Lisa invites you to a world with heavenly Clifton views, revolutionary products & lavish treatments.


At Mona Lisa Skin & Body Bar your experience comes first. Treatments are individually crafted to cater for your body’s specific needs, when it comes to destressing & escaping modern strains. Allow the ocean breeze to gently seep through your skin as you embrace the comfort, professional advice and the serene kindness of a visionary wellness therapist, Lisa-Marie.


Mona Lisa is solo owned & runned by Lisa-Marie, a Cape Town born skin & body Therapist, who studied at Isa Carstens Health & Skin Care Academy in Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa. She is committed to the highest ethical standards within her profession & dedicated to provide you with the best professional advise & treatments.


“ I am so lucky that I found a career that I’m passionate about, I constantly strive to learn more about aesthetic skincare & beauty trends. I also am a strong believer in what you put into your body, should be as good as what you put onto your skin, with a good combination you should get excellent results, so let me guide you through your skincare & beauty journey! I love seeing every client (reluctantly) leave Mona Lisa’s slice of paradise with their skin & body looking and feeling radiant for life. ”

By staying abreast of current research of new aesthetic treatments, new revolutionary products & advanced delivering systems. Lisa-Marie aims to advise and empower male and female clients with the latest information about skincare & beauty rejuvenation.

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